DonJoy UltraSling Quadrant

The Donjoy Ultrasling Quadrant is a state of the art shoulder brace designed to stabilize the upper limb after shoulder surgery. The brace was designed by Dr. Myers for the comfort and rehabilitation of his patients. This is one of the many innovations that Dr. Myers has contributed to the field of orthopaedic surgery. 3 years in development, the Ultrasling Quadrant has many advantages over the prior shoulder immobilizers.

  1. Patient comfort - The Ultrasling Quadrant stabilizes the arm by supporting its weight on the hip as well as suspending it from the opposite shoulder with a strap. This improved support is more comfortable for the patient when the shoulder has been traumatized and any movement can cause pain. The brace has an open design with straps for the upper arm and forearm only. This leaves the elbow and arm pit open to air which cools the body and allows for better sleep. Finally, the Quadrant has only 4 straps which are designed to allow for easy on/off with one hand use. This allows patients to remove and put on the brace without any assistance.

  2. Patient function – Ultrasling Quadrant places the arm in neutral “anatomic position” rather than the classic “sling position” with the arm resting on the belly. The hand, wrist and elbow are free to use immediately after surgery due to an innovative release mechanism built in to the brace. This unique feature allows for immediate typing, driving and computer/phone use with the injured arm without causing pain or compromising a surgical repair. Rehabilitation can begin immediately post-operatively with elbow, wrist and hand exercises because the shoulder is supported by the brace.

  3. Surgeon freedom – The Quadrant allows the surgeon to position the limb freely in space after a procedure and then secure the limb in that position with an easy adjustment mechanism. The surgeon can protect a large repair, align a fracture or position the arm to maintain shoulder stability. This is an advantage over prior iterations of the Ultrasling line that only allowed one position of the arm.

  4. Patient cost – Despite the Ultrasling Quadrant requiring years of engineering and product development, the brace is reasonably priced and is covered by most insurance plans.

Dr. Myers has been involved in medical device innovation throughout his career. Developing inventive products to improve patient outcomes has been his passion and has differentiated his practice from others who are happy with the status quo. He holds many patents for his medical devices and continues to work on new ideas to accelerate recovery for his sports medicine patients. Dr. Myers’ inventions are on display in his waiting room and are used daily in his practice.