Patient Concierge Service


No wait time.
After patient check in and verification of insurance the patient is immediately placed in the doctor’s examination room and evaluated as soon as possible.

Pre-appointment Paperwork.
Option to complete medical history questionnaire and intake forms online prior to appointment.

Private area for in-office paperwork.
Sound proof area isolated from regular waiting room available for the patient to complete online medical history and sign patient intake forms (if not completed online).

Expedited check out.
Prescriptions printed or called in to pharmacy and medical records immediately emailed to patient’s phone prior to discharge from the office.

Parking validation.

Why Concierge Services?

Dramatic changes in our country’s health care system have created many challenges for private practices. Like others, we have seen our waiting times increase as our practice has grown. Rather than turning portions of your medical treatment over to Physician’s Assistants or nurse practitioners, our doctors wish to maintain personal contact with you throughout your medical treatment. This direct and consistent contact is, we feel, the core of good medical care.

Our goal is not to inconvenience any patient by long waiting times prior to appointments. We greatly appreciate your ongoing confidence in our doctors and the role you have played in our growth through your referrals.

Cost vs. Value

These expedited evaluations are offered as an additional out-of-pocket cost to our clients for whom “time is money”. We hope the time-savings will help you meet other scheduling requirements and maximize your time with our doctors by limiting the time spent in the office on administrative tasks.

For more information on Concierge Services, please contact us. To schedule a Concierge appointment, simply make the request when you are scheduling your appointment.